I have been writing about cooking in an RV kitchen. This post, I am going to finish revealing what is in my cabinets. I have four more cabinets left to show you. I hope you enjoy!

End Cabinet

I enjoy how easy it is to reach everything in this cabinet.

Top Shelf: 

  • Juicer
  • Grader
  • Mixing Bowl that stores our Handheld Mixer 

Bottom Shelf:

  • 4 Cup Measuring Cup
  • 1 Cup Measuring Cup (stacks inside the large cup)
  • Ninja Blender
  • Small Blender Cup with Drinking Lid (blade is usually on the sink to dry)
  • Large Blender Cup with Blade and Lid

    Main Cabinet

    Most of the time a lot of these dishes are not in here because they are used so often.

    Top Shelf:

    • Glass Jar
    • 4-1 Cup Serving Bowls (great for dessert, fruits, nuts, dips, and sauces)
    • Container holding Storage Lids
    • 8-1 Cup Anchor Storage Bowls
    • 4-2 Cup Anchor Storage Bowls 
    • 3-4 Cup Anchor Storage Bowls 
    • 1-7 Cup Anchor Storage Bowl

      Bottom Shelf:

      • 4-Large Plates
      • 4-Small Plates
      • 1-Plastic Plate
      • 1-Glass Jar
      • 5-Coffee Mugs
      • 7-Bowls

      Cabinet Above Fridge

      This cabinet is hard to reach since it is so high.

      • Container of Flour
      • Extra Plastic Travel Cup
      • Container holding Cookie Cutters and Decorative Cookie Bags

      Top Shelf in Pantry

      These used to be stored below the fridge but I was tired of bending so low to get my cutting boards.

      Right to Left:

      • Pizza Pan
      • Glass Veggie Tray
      • Bacon Cooking Tray 
      • 2-Cake Pan Lids
      • 2-Cutting Boards
      • 2-Cake Pans
      • 2-Loaf Pans (1 metal, 1 glass)

        This is all the dishes and small appliances in my Kitchen. What do you have in your Kitchen? Keep an eye out for my next few Kitchen articles about the food I usually have on hand. Dont forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey!


        One thought on “RV Cooking Part 5: The Rest of My Dishes and Kitchen Appliances

        1. I have been thinking a lot about how to do food on travel days and when not staying the night with hook ups. I hope to have solar but it could take a while to get all the parts and install it. I have celiac and am on a very strict/limiting diet so I can’t just pack us sandwhiches and yogurt.


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