There is something about actively deciding to downsize that makes you want to continue to downsize. We just spent about 10 days back and forth between Ohio and Florida (my husband) and staying at our parents’ houses in Ohio with the RV left in Florida. We really didn’t miss most our stuff. Yes, there are some things we want and others we need long term but most the stuff we own we just don’t need.
About a year ago, we bought our first RV and so began a major downsizing spree. We moved into our 38 ft Class A motorhome with boxes on the couch and the floor and stuff crammed everywhere! After a couple weeks in the rig, I had downsized and organized so we didn’t have things in the way anymore. We ended up moving into our current fifth wheel when the engine blew in the motorhome. We have still been downsizing.

We are realizing more every day what we like and what we want out of life. We love people, adventure, good food, and travel. We enjoy our bikes, good kitchen items, and a variety of books, games, and movies. But we would rather visit family and friends and see new sights.

Life is so much simplier with less items to lug around. We are just wanting to continue to downsize our items so we can live simple lives we enjoy. We have even contemplated selling our car because it is more hassle than a benefit. We are just trying to find what works for us.

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5 thoughts on “We Don’t Need So Much Stuff

  1. With half my things in the motorhome in storage and half where we are staying, I am working on going through the things we haven’t used in 8 months. It’s challenging but freeing. I don’t know what we will need in the RV and I am still attached to sewing and having hobbies while on the road. No idea where it is all going to fit!


      1. I have a sewing machine, a serger that needs to be serviced, fabric and patterns, crochet supplies and yarn. I think I could really minimize or pass on my crochet stuff, but sewing is so practical for me and is a way for me to make money. I’ve been trying to work through some old projects and mending to get it out of the way!

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