What started out as just walking to lose weight has evolved into many different things over the months. Each month is bit different so click on the months below to see places I walked or hiked, miles traveled, pounds lost, progress pictures, and video updates. I hope my journey can encourage you to eat healthier, walk a few more miles, and focus on a healthier you!

  • December 2016-I did a lot of walking this month. I took many pictures of places too.
  • January 2017-I still did some walking but the big change was I altered my favorite shirts and a skirt smaller.
  • February 2017-This was a rough month. I was struggling with grief and depression. I wasn’t eating right and not really active. My weight was all over the place.
  • March 2017– I started the month really bloated but cut out wheat from my diet again and am enjoying losing weight again.