1-4th: So far this month has been busy and getting walking in has been near impossible. Due to bad weather and being on a time  crunch between homeschooling, housekeeping, and personal matters, I have been focusing more on healthy eating, exercises, and stretches in the RV.

5th: Today was a busy day of dishes, cooking, and hand washing 2 loads of laundry and hanging them out to dry. Wore out but a good feeling of being productive with my hands today.

6th-10th: The weather was too cold to go out in.

11th: 5 1/2 Week Video Update

12th: The weather was amazing yesterday. We took a 4.1 mile hike. It was great to get out. My legs were so cramped last night that I had trouble sleeping. I have been enjoying other things lately but keeping up with calorie counting and staying more active than I used to. 

I’m so proud of how far I have come!
Forever Wild Trails is a favorite for us!

17: “14 Pounds Gone!”

It was time to alter my favorite shirt!

41.25 miles walked so far and 14 lbs lost so far!

20-23: My family traveled to Ohio and while up there my stepdad passed away. I did not eat the best and I retain while I travel. I gained 6 lbs but have lost 3 lbs already since I have been home. My stepdad will be missed!

24-31st: Honestly I don’t know what all I was doing this week. Grief is a struggle. I did a few things but not staying consistent. I have lost 10 lbs this month though!

January 1st vs. January 31st

41.25 miles hiked and 17.4 lbs lost since December 3, 2016.