December 2016 – Dothan, AL

My First Day Walking: 

3rd: Forever Wild Trails

First day hiking at Forever Wild Trails

5th: Land of Cotton Antique Mall 
6th: Westgate Park and Sports Complex

2.8 lbs lost!

8th: I chased Peanuts Around Town all day. I didn’t get any walking done but enjoyed my boys.

“Nuts About Safety” Peanut

9th: Lowes, Westgate Park, Walmart

10th: Christmas Lights Around the RV Park

11th: 2 miles at Landmark Park

Landmark Park Map

12th: Major cleaning day and no time to walk

3.8 lbs lost so far!

13th: 1.5 miles of hiking at Forever Wild Trails 

Hiked 15 minutes with Evan on my shoulders.

14th: 1.2 miles hiking at Eastgate Park

Eastgate Park Boardwalk

15th: I was not feeling good and we celebrated Evan’s 2nd Birthday.

16th: 1.5 miles walked at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden was beautiful, even this time of year.

17th: 2 WEEKS OF WALKING! 3.8 miles walked at Westgate Park

After 2 weeks of walking: 27 miles and almost 4 lbs lost!

19th: Walked 1 mile total today at Fort Rucker’s PX and Aviation Museum. 

Fort Rucker’s Aviation Museum

20th: A big cleaning day but no walking.

21st: Ran a bunch of errands and bought gluten-free vegan foods. I have been getting sick and bloated from meat, dairy, chocolate, and gluten foods.

22nd: Forever Wild Trails- Hiking 4 Miles

Hiking with Evan on my shoulders at Forever Wild Trails.

7 lbs lost so far!!!

Christmas Eve: Hiked 1.75 at Forever Wild Trails 

I love hiking, messy hair and all!

26th:Hiked 3.4 miles at Westgate Park after visiting the fire station next to the park.

My boys enjoyed the tour of Dothan Fire Department in front of Westgate Park.

27th: Cleaned up the RV, did homeschooling, and went to laundromat. No walking.

28th: Rough day with the kids. I didn’t feel good. Hopefully, I get a good day in tomorrow.

29th: Very busy day with more catching up at the RV.

30th: No walking but busy working today. I helped my husband work on a truck, handwashed 2 loads of laundry and hung to dry, and cleaned a lot of dishes from all my cooking today.

31st: Walked an hour while shopping, forgot to track miles.

37.15 miles walked and 7.2 lbs lost in December 2016!

Happy New Year!!!

December 2016 vs. January 1st, 2017