This past week, we have all had haircuts. When my husband and boys’ hair gets too long, we cut it ourselves. This saves us quite a bit of money. My husband gets a haircut about every 3-4 weeks, Lucas (8 year old) about every 6-8 weeks, and Evan (2 year old) about every 3-4 months. I usually go to Smart Style at Walmart to get mine cut about twice a year. I would like to go more often but we don’t always have it in the budget to do so.

Here are some before and after pictures:

Last February I had a 3-D Curl done for free since a friend’s salon was learning how to do it. The bottom half of my hair in this picture is basically the top half of the 3-D Curl. Also my hair was thinned last July. I won’t do that again! It makes my hair coming in look crazy!
I love my new look! It is shorter and layered. I can still put it up in a ponytail, use headbands, or wear it down. It still has some weird thinner spots but the lady did a great job. I love it! 
This is a before picture. We trim the boys’ nails when we cut hair because it is easiest to remember to do it then. Lucas does a good job on his own with just a quick check from me to point out missed spots.
Evan after his haircut and shower, ready to take a nap.
A cute picture of Lucas before his shower.
The cut hair – Evan’s pile is the smallest and Lucas’ pile is the big one. His hair is turning darker as he gets older.
My husband’s cut hair is really dark compared to the boys. We were in a rush to get his haircut before church. I didn’t get before or after pictures of him. He gets a 1 on top and skin on the sides, a military cut. He is still in the National Guard but also loves the look.

Do you cut your own hair or family member’s hair to save money? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey.


2 thoughts on “Haircut Time

  1. The past two years I’ve been trimming mine myself in-between professional cuts, mostly because I haven’t fallen in love with a hair dresser in town enough to commit the time and money. I’ll do a ponytail cut with damp hair, and only trim about a centimeter at a time; I did more hair once, royally screwed it up, and it was… not good!


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