RVing is an amazing thing to do with those you love, whether family or friends, but you need to learn how to be a defensive driver. People will cut you off all the time! You have to be ready to be a defensive driver. You will have to relearn how to handle strong winds, to slow down around curves, how much space you need to come to a complete stop, and even learn how to change lanes. 

On our current trip from Florida to Ohio, people cut us off so much that I decided to make the following video. Please be safe on the roads and have fun traveling!

If you click on this picture, it will link you to Amazon. Any shopping you do under that internet page will help us out financially. We are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. We make a percentage off your purchase for sending traffic to Amazon. Your bill will not increase to pay us, it is Amazon’s way of paying those that send them customers. Thank you for supporting our journey!

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12 thoughts on “Defensive RV Driving

      1. Trying so hard! I’m throwing as much as I can into my amazon book business but just had a setback. I have my motorhome but don’t have enough income to get on the road just me and the kid. I had two interviews for a camp host job and didn’t get it but in kind of relieved because it would have been hard to get there on time with my sparse income right now.


      2. Honestly my family is stationary because our job is stationary right now. We are trying to build up my blog anf YouTube channel to make money off of it. It is going to take time though. We are thankful to be in Florida now though (for his job).


      3. Having two adults makes the whole job thing much easier! I just read Bob Wells’ latest blog post and spent half an hour writing out my fears and affirmative steps to prevent or work through them.


      4. I have been keeping my blog for over 5 years and have over 100 followers plus some who get it emailed to them. It takes a lot more work than people realize and I don’t even have it monetize it. I was thinking of signing up for amazon affiliate since I already do FBA. I also recently started selling Poofy Organics but I don’t have a customer base. I don’t have childcare help so any work I do has to be with a 4yo in tow.


      5. We just started the Amazon Affiliate Program but it takes lots of time to build up. My husband wants me to look into a Patreon account but I don’t know if people want to financially support us. It seems a lot of friends on Facebook just keep up with us to follow our adventures. It seems people live through our travels.


      6. What about az affiliate takes time to build up? I just want to set it up and remember to use it. I figure if it doesn’t cost anything and I can just put in a few links here and there then it would be worth it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a donations account though I understand some people are. Maybe for extenuating circumstances like using the money for a child’s medical needs or an emergency.


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