1st: I was bloated and had gained back a couple pounds during February. I was eating wheat and dairy again. I decided I would cut the wheat out again and limit dairy this month.

Gained a few pounds back but started out the month down 15.4 lbs since December 3rd.
I ended up using some Lemongrass and Zendocrine essential oils to help with the water weight.

2nd: After using the oils and drinking a good amount of water, I lost 4 lbs in one day!

I am feeling better already.
I couldn’t believe the difference in one day!

8th: I have been still eating good. I splurged just twice on wheat. It is getting easier and I don’t crave it now. I have been playing outside with my kids about 4-5 days a week. I even started back on my 10 minute morning stretches and workout. 

I am so excited to hit the 20 lb mark. Down 20.6 today!
From my heaviest weight back in October, I have lost 24.8 lbs! Feeling awesome about this!

10th: Down 22.6 lbs today! I am so excited that my morning workout routine is starting to get easier. I am hoping to up it to 15 minutes soon. Here is a picture of December 13 (almost 3 months ago) compared to today in the same outfit.

18.8 lb difference!

17th: I had a rough week with my psoriatic arthritis. I gained a couple pounds back but I think most of it is inflammation. I had to take a break from my workouts due to the pain and inflammation. I am doing a bit better. Hopefully, I can get back to my workouts soon. 

18th: Walked 1.75 miles while checking prices at Sam’s Club. Trying to see if Walmart or Sam’s Club is cheaper on products.

25th: We went with our church to Kolomaki Mound State Park. I didn’t track miles but we did go up this huge mound with 81 steps!

Everyone looks so tiny!

28th: I did a comparison picture from the begining of March. Lost 6.2 lbs this month so far.

I’m loving my current weight but would love to lose more!

29th: My boys and I went bike riding at Westgate Park. 3.3 miles in 45 minutes with my 27 lb toddler on the back in a baby seat. We went back out as a family after dinner and biked another 3.3 miles. This time my husband had the toddler on his bike.

We are wore out! It was 85 degrees out!

31st: We went bike riding for 45 minutes. My gps on my phone wasn’t working to track miles. I have gained back 1.2 lbs…maybe from muscle.

Down 20 lbs since December 3rd and about 24 lbs from my heaviest weight in October 2016.

57.25 miles walked, hiked, or biked since December 3rd!
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