Growing Plants in an RV

Growing Plants in an RV

When people make the transition from a house with a yard to a RV, many miss their plants and gardens. What some don’t realize is that it is possible to live fulltime on the road with plants. You simply grow smaller plants in pots or hanging baskets. In our RV, we use pots.

Near our kitchen sink, we have a Venus Fly Trap and a Peace Lily. I have noticed a decrease in gnats or other bugs. Also the Peace Lily purifies our air. There is a noticable difference in our air quality since bringing it home.
Try one or more of these to keep your air purified in your RV.
We keep an Aloe Vera plant beside our bathroom sink. We cut a section off when we need to treat burns.

When we are traveling, we stick these small potted plants in the sink. What about growing a graden? We actually have a small garden growing in our bedroom. When traveling, we stick these pots on the toilet room floor or in the shower.

Our garden for this year is just starting out. When the plants get bigger, I will start taking them outside to soak up some direct sun while we are parked in one spot. For now they enjoy plenty of sun through the window. I have to rotate these throughout the day so they grow straight.
I taped extra seeds and instructions on the wall nearby. We have pots for mixed greens, small tomatoes, mini mixed peppers, green onions, and cilantro. I can’t wait to watch these grow!

If you RV, do you have plants in your rig? If you live in a house with no yard, do you have a potted garden on a patio, window sill, or counter? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey.

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Wonder Wash

Wonder Wash

Today was Wash Day at our house. This time it was a little different. We didn’t go to the laundromat and we didn’t wash clothes by hand. Well, at least not like we used to. We used a Wonder Wash by The Laundry Alternative.

In less than two months, we will get our money’s worth out of it.

The Wonder Wash is so easy that my 8 year old can do his own laundry! You can watch Part 2 here.

We ended up doing 4 loads of laundry today in about an hour and a half (including hanging to dry). I enjoyed how quick and easy it was to wash our clothes. I plan to wash one load of clothes every 2-3 days and smaller bedding about once every two weeks or so. I also plan on getting  the Mini Countertop Spin Dryer to cut down on dry time.

This uses electric and spins the water out.

How do you wash your clothes? Are you trying to become more independent, debt-free, and off grid? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey.

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Our Roadschooling: Math and Thoughts on Homeschool Conventions 

Our Roadschooling: Math and Thoughts on Homeschool Conventions 

Last year when I was looking for curriculum for our 8 year old son, I wanted to find a homeschool convention to help me out. I found one and was able to browse all the different types of homeschooling curriculum you can possibly think of! Anything for Preschool through Seniors, any subject, any learning form, any approach, and even learning games. 

Homeschool conventions are great to go to at least once towards the beginning of your homeschooling journey. Homeschooling conventions offer you a chance to figure out what is available out there but it can also be extremely overwhelming. When you visit, have a general idea of what you are looking for.

Lucas had started last school year out in second grade but the Christian school principle suggested he repeat 1st grade since his reading was behind their advanced A Beka reading program. Seeing him struggle on reading homework every night, we agreed. That made a dilemma for figuring out what curriculum I should use for this current school year though. I was torn between 2nd and 3rd grade. After going to the homeschooling convention, I was able to make these decisions.

One major subject I was indecisive on was Math. Did he need to do second grade math or was he advanced enough for third? I ended up searching out different companies that offered 2nd grade math curriculum. Most the ones I looked at seemed a bit too simple or written in a style that would confuse my son. I revisited a booth called Teaching Textbooks that only offered 3rd grade and on. 

You can do all the lessons on the computer, in just the book, or use both. We use both.

The Teaching Textbooks booth offered books to review and even offered samples of the CDs. I was impressed! The first 20 lessons were all things he already was doing at the time. The curriculum is broken down and explained in blocks of 7 lessons and then reviewed with a quiz. Every lecture is explained and gives sample problems to be answered by the student to make sure they understand. Every five lessons has a Bonus Round where the student has about 3 minutes to basically do a digital version of flash cards to earn bonus points. The program keeps track of grades but also allows the parent to delete lessons, quizzes, or bonus rounds that need to be repeated.

Here is his lesson from today.

I will definitely be using Teaching Textbooks from now on in our homeschooling. The book and/or CD form makes it easy to do with or without electricity. I would suggest this program to any family not currently satisfied with their Math curriculum. 

To learn more about Teaching Textbooks, click here.

If looking for other math curriculum, click here.

What Math curriculum do your children use? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey.

When Life Throws You Curves…

When Life Throws You Curves…

I have been putting off writing this post for a long time now. You see, I am a dreamer. I try to look for the good in everything. When life gets tough, I hold on thinking it will get easier soon. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it gets really dark before the dawn. It’s in those moments that reality smacks me in the face over and over until I admit my dreams are shattered!

This is one of those moments. My husband left his Walmart job in September to pursue a life on the road with a workcamping job based on commission. First, our original RV’s engine blew on day one. We were able to coast into a rest area and were stuck there for 10 days while we searched for a new “home”. We settled on a fifth wheel and truck.

Then, our workamping job was a big flop! I’ll spare the details but the man we were working for was basically a big liar and not who he said he was. (Yes Mama, heeding your advice would have been wise.) Along the way, we did visit some great churches and meet some wonderful people though!

So with our finances shot and not much else we could do, our family traveled to Dothan, Alabama for my husband to take a 3 1/2 week course in Heavy Equipment Operations to get certified on the Backhoe and Excavator. This would lead us to job openings in Texas or Florida that we could pursue. There is just one major problem-there is not enough money left to travel there!

So here we are stick in Dothan, Alabama. My husband has found a job at a steel company working to get us caught up on bills. Praise the Lord for this job! But I feel like reality has smacked me in the face with a stinky fish! I know I am still blessed beyond measure but I am still overwhelmed with our current financial state. We have been hard off before but this seems like one of the darkest finacial valleys we have been through. 

During our struggle, I am trying to stretch everything we have. I am trying to make food last and still fill us up. Lots of beans are in our diet. I am scrubbing our laundry by hand and hanging it out to dry. We have one big problem with that today-another rain storm has came in. I just want to cry and pray that life starts looking up! I’m starting to really hate life in Alabama. No offense to those that call it home.

Our “clothes line” is an extension cord that my husband tied around our awning.

Have you had seasons in life that just kept getting worse? I’d love to hear your stories. It is encouraging to know in these dark moments that we are not alone in this.

Different Types of RVers-The Frugal Independents

Different Types of RVers-The Frugal Independents

It has came to my attention recently that many people assume ALL Fulltime RVers are generally the same. Some may view them as campers that cook all their meals over a fire pit. Others view all of them as retired travelers. And still others think the younger generation is just looking for adventure or to enrich their children’s education. The camper, retired traveler, adventurer, and roadschooler might be some on the road today, but it is not everyone. Today I want to just discuss the type of RVers I view my family as-the Frugal Independents.

The Frugal Independents are indivuals or families looking to own their own home. Some might be financing still but their goal is to own. They may be tired of renting and having their money go into someone else’s pocket or they might be trying to save to buy their own land. We currently are fed up with renting and are wanting to travel before we even consider settling down somewhere.

The Frugal Independents are the workampers, business consultants, and small business owners that are just trying to make ends meet. Their goal is to be debt free and traveling is just an incentive. They want freedom from credit card debt, student loans, and morgage payments. They may be renting their home as a source of income and not planning to move back.

The Frugal Independents are or are planning to go off the grid.Their goal is to get solar panels and generators instead of paying the cost of campgrounds. They want state parks and open spaces to have the freedom of independence they desire. They might have a cookout, use their rv kitchen, or enjoy a local restaurant when they want to splurge. They want the freedom to choose.

The Frugal Independents are conscience of how they spend their money. Their goal is to use their money on their passions and hobbies. They may have container gardens, mend their own clothes, can their own foods, cook from scratch, homeschool on a tight budget, cut their own hair, maintain their own vehicles, or other such things to be frugal.We currently mend our clothes, cook from scratch often, homeschool on a budget, and I cut my family’s hair. We work on our own vehicles and my husband has more tools in our understorage than anything else.

I wanted to explain who we are because I feel many people don’t understand why we chose to fulltime RV. Yes, the traveling is great, hot dogs over a campfire taste better, and fulltiming allows us to roadschool but it is not our number one motive. We want independence!

So if you are a fulltime RVer, what type are you: camper, retired traveler, adventurer, roadschooler, or other? I look forward to your comments.