The Things I Will Never Un-see

My husband and I recently joined the youth ministry at a Florida Baptist Church. I have been MIA on here due to getting settled but also not wanting to share details too much about our teens. I want to live in the moment and help out as much as I can. This life is short, this past year has really taught me that. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. But there are some things I can never un-see.

I can never un-see how lost we are without the Lord. This world is full of lost sinners. People looking for hope. Jesus can give it to us!

I can never un-see the depth of dispair our sins bring us. Without God, there is no real hope. We are stuck in our sin. People seek a release from the pain of this world by turning to drugs, sex, alcohol, and other activities. Our only true peace comes from Jesus!

I can never un-see how much people need the Lord. We need to get saved. We need to obey His commandments. Not so we can get to heaven but because God’s rules are there to keep us safe.

After seeing the world from a ministry standpoint, I will never look at people the same. I can not sit and throw rocks at people for their sins. We ALL sin. I can only recognize everybody’s need for the Savior and point them to Jesus!

Do you know Him? If not, make Him your Savior today!


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