Last year when I was looking for curriculum for our 8 year old son, I wanted to find a homeschool convention to help me out. I found one and was able to browse all the different types of homeschooling curriculum you can possibly think of! Anything for Preschool through Seniors, any subject, any learning form, any approach, and even learning games. 

Homeschool conventions are great to go to at least once towards the beginning of your homeschooling journey. Homeschooling conventions offer you a chance to figure out what is available out there but it can also be extremely overwhelming. When you visit, have a general idea of what you are looking for.

Lucas had started last school year out in second grade but the Christian school principle suggested he repeat 1st grade since his reading was behind their advanced A Beka reading program. Seeing him struggle on reading homework every night, we agreed. That made a dilemma for figuring out what curriculum I should use for this current school year though. I was torn between 2nd and 3rd grade. After going to the homeschooling convention, I was able to make these decisions.

One major subject I was indecisive on was Math. Did he need to do second grade math or was he advanced enough for third? I ended up searching out different companies that offered 2nd grade math curriculum. Most the ones I looked at seemed a bit too simple or written in a style that would confuse my son. I revisited a booth called Teaching Textbooks that only offered 3rd grade and on. 

You can do all the lessons on the computer, in just the book, or use both. We use both.

The Teaching Textbooks booth offered books to review and even offered samples of the CDs. I was impressed! The first 20 lessons were all things he already was doing at the time. The curriculum is broken down and explained in blocks of 7 lessons and then reviewed with a quiz. Every lecture is explained and gives sample problems to be answered by the student to make sure they understand. Every five lessons has a Bonus Round where the student has about 3 minutes to basically do a digital version of flash cards to earn bonus points. The program keeps track of grades but also allows the parent to delete lessons, quizzes, or bonus rounds that need to be repeated.

Here is his lesson from today.

I will definitely be using Teaching Textbooks from now on in our homeschooling. The book and/or CD form makes it easy to do with or without electricity. I would suggest this program to any family not currently satisfied with their Math curriculum. 

To learn more about Teaching Textbooks, click here.

If looking for other math curriculum, click here.

What Math curriculum do your children use? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey.


2 thoughts on “Our Roadschooling: Math and Thoughts on Homeschool Conventions 

  1. We are done with our homeschooling journey with two daughters now in college. We tried several different math curriculum (Singapore, Saxon) but the one that stands out is Life of Fred Math ( One daughter probably could have excelled at any curriculum, but the other one struggled with math until she did Life of Fred. It is story-based which really clicked with her as more of a right-brained artistic type. She loved it so much she was sad that we recently agreed to pass it on to another homeschooling family. We liked Teaching Textbooks too because it seemed more visual, but never tried it. But that’s what’s so great about homeschooling–you can tailor your curriculum to the learning style of your child and who would know better about that than the parents who have been teaching them since day one?

    Blessings on your homeschool!


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