So many people outside the RVing world, think Fulltime RVing is just a permanent vacation. Sometimes it is very nice but, whether you are a young family or a retired individual, there are some routine maintenance and cleaning things that should be done on your rig. Today I want to share some of the areas you should probably deep clean occasionally in your home on wheels.

A few times a year, you should unscrew your floor vents covers and clean all the dirt, crumbs, dust, and hair that has fell into the vent.
You should also clean your AC air intake filters. All it took was some rinsing and a rag for me to wipe it clean.
This was our dirtiest filter. We bought our 2006 fifth wheel 5 months ago. Who knew how long ago this was cleaned last!
The before and after difference it amazing! I feel we are breathing better now. 🙂
You should wipe off the dust and dirt from your exhaust fan screens. I do this about once a month.
Not all RVs have a ceiling fan but if yours does, you will want to dust and wipe off the top of the blades.
I can’t believe how dirty my fan was. It didn’t look this dirty from just looking at it.

Do you clean any of these in your RV? Keep a look out for the next routine cleaning post. Follow my blog to keep up with our journey.


4 thoughts on “Routine Cleaning in an RV: Vents, Fans, and Filters

    1. I am not quite sure what type of vent you are refering to. Can you post a link to a picture of it? If it is old, it might just be having trouble because it has rusted (if metal) or dried out too much (plastic) to move. Without seeing which ones you have, I can’t really give a good answer. What year, class/trailer, and brand do you have?


      1. My heat vents are brown and round, about 4-5in. Your white AC vent looks similar but appears to have two screws. I have a 1986 southwind motorhome. I think I posted in FtF about it in the summer but I’m not on facebook anymore.


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