Fulltime RV living is usually an organizational Tetris. You have to find room for everything you need and want. The bathroom is no different. I wrote about the medicine cabinet and now want to show where I store the rest of our bathroom supplies.

Even though our bathroom has quite a bit of floor space, it actually doesn’t have a lot of cabinets. It has the medicine cabinet and the cabinet under the sink. I like to keep what we have to a minimal to keep life simple. So here is what is in our cabinet below the sink.

This is as simple as it gets! 

The bottom shelf has 5 towels, we own 6, and the top shelf has all the smaller items. The top shelf has wash rags, shower bags, hair clippers, toilet paper, and a wire basket of smaller items.

The wire basket has a handheld mirror, Epsom salt, a travel soap container, extra tooth brushes, and extra razors.
These are the items in my husband’s shower bag. His bag is stored in the middle in the back. He will normally just grab his razor, a bar of soap with the container, and toothpaste to add to his bag when he uses his shower bag.
My shower bag has deodorant, face wash, and a bar of soap on the left. I usually have shampoo and conditioner bottles there as well but recently used them up when we ran out in the shower. The right side has a hand towel, wash rag, tooth paste, toothbrush, and razor.
There is also a front pouch that holds a hairbrush, leave-in conditioner, and a couple hair ties.

A few extra things to mention are:

  •  I store bulk toilet paper in a different closet and just add a few rolls to this cabinet when we get low. 
  • I cut my husband and boys’ hair with the hair clippers. I mention that in this post
  • I plan to downsize to four towels when these towels get older. I want to switch over to faster drying towels.

What do you have in your bathroom cabinets, linen closet, or medicine cabinet? I’d love to read your blog if you write about this topic. Leave a link below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our journey.


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