Awhile back I wrote about my capsule waredrobe here. I feel I need to follow that post up with sharing with you the rest of my clothes. Many people talk about what is in their closet but few talk about what is in their drawers. So here goes:

  • Pajama Shelf
Yes, I try to keep this shelf this organize. Although it does get rough sometimes.

This shelf consists of 4 pajama pants, 2 tank tops, 2 night gowns (1 which is shorter and silkier), and 1 pajama outfit. I am currently wearing my gray pajama pants. Who says you can’t blog in your pajamas? 😉 Actually, since I wear skirts and dresses during the day, I use my pajama pants to do my exercises in. Ever try to do left lifts and butterfly kicks in a skirt? Not a modest sight! 

  • Underwear and Bra Drawer

Sorry, you don’t get a picture of this for modesty reasons. I will tell you that I own 5 bras from Decent Exposures and 8 Fruit of the Loom underwear. I keep a couple extra underwear just in case we don’t get to the laundromat every 5-6 days. Decent Exposures makes custom-fit clothes and I have been using this company for going on five years now. Their bras are expensive but last me about one to two years and I can throw them in the wash with the rest of my clothes. I do not get anything for sharing their link. I just want other women that are struggling to be able to find bras that fit.

  • Shared Sock Drawer

Come tax return time, I will be buying new white socks. These have seen better days!

We own 14 ankle-high white socks and about 13 various length black socks (most which were given to us). The green socks are my husband’s Army socks. My husband and I have shared a sock drawer since the beginning of our marriage. The first time we bought socks, we just decided to share the same brand and size to reduce the chaos with sock matching on laundry days. It usually is my size white socks but this current batch is his size. I often go barefoot unless we are hiking or it is raining or snowing. I typically wear the white socks with my tennis shoes and during bad weather wear tall black socks with my cowboy boots. 

That is it in for my Pajamas and Undergarments. I plan to write about my shoes soon. What do you own? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with my journey!


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