Sometimes Life Gets Messy But…

To many this does not look that messy. But after a hard day of housework and homework, this is a MESS! It has been a hard day with the boys. Everything was a battle. Everything tested my patience. Everything seemed to be argued about. Lots and lots “breathing” moments. 

Sometimes life gets messy but God doesn’t leave us in that mess. He wants better for us. He wants deep conversations between a parent and a child to releive the tension, attitudes, and struggle. He wants a husband to help his wife out after a rough day with the kids so he can be her knight in shining armour once more. 

Life gets messy but sometimes the messiest moments lead to our greatest moments of growth, of mending, and of healing. God takes our messy moments and turns them for good. Tonight was a reminder to me that we all are messy people. We all snap at a people we love, neglect others’ needs, and forget to “treat others how we want to be treated”. Days like this remind me I need a Savior, I need Jesus Christ. 

“For God sent not hia Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him  might be saved.” -John 3:17

I didn’t write this to preach but to share how the Lord impacts my life. He helps me on my rough days keep it together. He is my example of long-suffering, compassion, and love. I am not perfect but I hope I have modeled to my family, especially my boys, a glimpse of the Father’s forgiveness, love, and patience today.

Do you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? I’d love to hear about how He impacts your daily life!


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