I kept postponing this article because I kept feeling like I had more items to downsize in my kitchen. I downsized and organized last night and feel I can finally post about what I own. So here goes. 

This is my kitchen not staged but how it is right now. Crockpot has Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens Soup, paintbrushs are drying, spaghetti squash seeds are in a bowl, a couple dishes in the sink and extra napkins on the counter. Welcome to my kitchen!

My kitchen has 5 drawers between the sink and stove. I am very grateful for this because my first RV only had two. This kitchen feels more like it belongs in an apartment than an RV and I absolutely love this kitchen. So what are in these drawers? Let’s take a peek!

  • Under the Sink “Drawer”
This “drawer” holds two cloth bags and some cheap bags for our garbage can. The plastic bags are only used if we run out of Walmart bags. The cloth bags store inside themselves. They are really cool!
  • Top Drawer
This silverware drawer is smaller than the rest since it is beside the sink. At the front there are scissors and two Sharpies because otherwise they get misplaced. The front slot holds a baby spoon, big spoon with holes, large fork for meats, and a syringe for medicine for the toddler. My silverware consists of 4 butter knives, 8 forks, 4 big spoons, and 8 spoons. The back slot hold my 3 favorite knives. I just downsized 6 last night that we never used. The back of the drawer has two lids for jars, a peeler, a julienne peeler, and a medicine cup for my oldest son.
  • Second Drawer 
This drawer had a major overhaul last night! I put in the donate pile a flat knife block, 6 knives, a pie cutter, a regular lighter, a bulb syringe, and a whisk. It amazes me the drawer closed! Now this drawer is organized and everything can be seen and is used. I have 2 long lighters, a can opener, 3 wooden utensils, 3 metal utensils, a potato masher, a baking spatula, a large knife, a bread knife, two straws, chop sticks, a small rolling pin, and measuring cups. The items located in the back are seldom used but kept because they are actually needed.
  • Third Drawer
This drawer is my towels, baggies, and foil drawer. The back pile is a towel and two circle towels to put under hot pots and pans. I am due to buy some new towels and wash rags because these are getting a bit rough. I usually buy new each tax season.
  • Bottom Drawer
This drawer holds my extra doTERRA products. It has sample boxes, the bowl has empty bottles I can use for making my own blends. I have sample bottles, coconut oil, and items for sale (bottles are in the basket).

I’ll glad I could give a tour of part of my kitchen. Follow my blog to see upcoming posts on the rest of my kitchen. What’s in your kitchen drawers? What are your favorite kitchen utensils?


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