I have been putting off writing this post for a long time now. You see, I am a dreamer. I try to look for the good in everything. When life gets tough, I hold on thinking it will get easier soon. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it gets really dark before the dawn. It’s in those moments that reality smacks me in the face over and over until I admit my dreams are shattered!

This is one of those moments. My husband left his Walmart job in September to pursue a life on the road with a workcamping job based on commission. First, our original RV’s engine blew on day one. We were able to coast into a rest area and were stuck there for 10 days while we searched for a new “home”. We settled on a fifth wheel and truck.

Then, our workamping job was a big flop! I’ll spare the details but the man we were working for was basically a big liar and not who he said he was. (Yes Mama, heeding your advice would have been wise.) Along the way, we did visit some great churches and meet some wonderful people though!

So with our finances shot and not much else we could do, our family traveled to Dothan, Alabama for my husband to take a 3 1/2 week course in Heavy Equipment Operations to get certified on the Backhoe and Excavator. This would lead us to job openings in Texas or Florida that we could pursue. There is just one major problem-there is not enough money left to travel there!

So here we are stick in Dothan, Alabama. My husband has found a job at a steel company working to get us caught up on bills. Praise the Lord for this job! But I feel like reality has smacked me in the face with a stinky fish! I know I am still blessed beyond measure but I am still overwhelmed with our current financial state. We have been hard off before but this seems like one of the darkest finacial valleys we have been through. 

During our struggle, I am trying to stretch everything we have. I am trying to make food last and still fill us up. Lots of beans are in our diet. I am scrubbing our laundry by hand and hanging it out to dry. We have one big problem with that today-another rain storm has came in. I just want to cry and pray that life starts looking up! I’m starting to really hate life in Alabama. No offense to those that call it home.

Our “clothes line” is an extension cord that my husband tied around our awning.

Have you had seasons in life that just kept getting worse? I’d love to hear your stories. It is encouraging to know in these dark moments that we are not alone in this.


4 thoughts on “When Life Throws You Curves…

  1. Please do not get discouraged. You are doing the best that you can. It sounds to me that you are trying to keep your spirits up.
    The first or second winter my husband and I were together was the toughest for us. He was working very little due to lack of work, i was a full time student working a part time low paying job. We did our best to get by and learned so much. I learned to can and preserve food. A family member shared half a deer with us. And we had received 6 of the largest butternut squash i had ever seen in my life. A little creativity and very supprtive friends and family helped us get through it.
    I am not sure if you have ever read the prudent homemakers blog…but this woman is incredible. She has so many tricks up her sleeve for stretching a buck. If you have a chance llease do check her blog out.
    Good luck.


    1. Thank you for your sweet words. I have been trying to keep my head up. Some days are easier than others. We have had people help us lately a lot. I know we are bless just sometimes the valleys seem so dark and the days get so exhausting. I am keeping my eyes on the Lord.


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