This is the last Peanuts Around Town post. You can read Part 1 (here), Part 2 (here), Part 3 (here), Part 4 (here). We have found 9 Peanuts Around Town that weren’t on the map. Enjoy!

White Owl Cigars was spotted near Nuts About Safety.
BB&T was spotted after finding Ortho Nut.
3 Minute Carwash has an extra worker. I read about this Peanut online.
This peanut is on top of a sign. I don’t remember where I spotted it though.
Blooming Nuts is at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens.
Grits On The Side Peanut is at an abandoned club, two buildings down from Health Nut (below).
My husband spotted Health Nut after we drove past him multiple times. He is on Ross Clark Circle.
My husband and son spotted this Peanut at Carmax.
This cute Peanut is in Slocomb, Alabama on 52. My husband took this picture for me. He is holding tomatoes since Slocomb is known for it’s tomatoes.
We found this peanut on January 24, 2017. It is in front of a Realtor business on 52.
“Look at the baby!”
Our New Baby store has these cute peanuts in front of their store.

Have you spotted any of these Peanuts not on the map? Don’t forvet to follow my blog to keep up with our adventures!


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