You can see more peanuts in part 1 (here), part 2 (here), part 4 (here), and part 5 (here).

Here is batch 3 of our Peanuts Around Town adventures. 🙂

  • Nuts About Safety
Nuts About Safety was sitting near one of the fire station in town.
  • Together Forever
This peanut is downtown in a local cafe.
Lucas took two pictures to show both sides.
  • Paper Boy
Paper Boy is missing his arm but still cool.
This picture we found online. I wanted to share how he used to look.
  • Handy Nut
Handy Nut has a broken paintbrush but I couldn’t find a picture online with his paintbrush.
  • Ortho Nut
Ortho Nut creeps me out. Those teeth!
His detail is impressive though.
Check out that tool.
  • Classic Peanut
This peanut is in front of a local bank.
  • Dothan Pediatric Nut 
I like his old doctor bag.
He is holding a very detailed Altoids tin.

Have you seen any of these Peanuts? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our adventures.


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