My boys and I kept up our Peanut Scavenger Hunt with some more “treasures” found. My husband occassionally found some with us. Read Part 1 (here), Part 3 (here), Part 4 (here), and Part 5 (here).

  • Gone Shopping Peanut
Gone Shopping is actually the first peanut we found. Our whole family was walking the mall and found her.
  • Southern Gentleman 
This Gentleman keeps an eye on downtown traffic.
  • Media Nut
This nut loves the camera!
  • Road Warrior
Lucas spotted this peanut before I did.
  • Shute Peanut
This cutie is inside Shute Peanut Gift Shop.
  • Health Nut
Lucas went inside the hospital by himself to find this peanut.
  • Rehab Nuts
Lucas is cheering for this peanut to keep up his rehab!

Keep an eye out for my next post with the next seven peanuts we found. Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with our adventures.


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