Dothan, Alabama has many cool attractions we have visited, enjoyed, and explored while here. My favorite has to be the Peanuts Around Town. It is literally a scavenger hunt for 4 foot tall peanut-shaped statues that are painted or look like people. I am not sure what year they started (looks to be around 1993) but it is such a neat thing to search for these statues. 

The visitor’s center offers a map for those that are registered. We found all the ones on the map and a handful of the unregistered peanuts so far! This is Part 1 of 5. Check out Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5. So here goes:

  • The Original Golden Peanut
The Original Golden Peanut is located right outside the visitor center.
  • Elvis 
Elvis Peanut is inside the visitor center.
  • Mr. Trawick
This peanut was donated in memory of Mr. Trawick, who used to sell boiled peanuts in this exact spot.
  • Military Nuts
The Military Nuts: Airforce, Army, Marines, and Navy
  • Captain Cash 
Captain Cash stands guard at a bank.
  • Sheriff Sam
Sheriff Sam is another peanut dedicated in memory of a man.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
This peanut is located near Dothan’s Civic Center.

That is the first 7 peanuts we spotted. Follow my blog to learn about the rest of them. Have you looked for the Peanuts Around Town? How many did you find?


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