Today was my youngest son’s second birthday. We decided to celebrate it at Chick-fil-a with the pastor’s family. Since we started going to their church, they have been absolutely amazing friends to us! We were able to enjoy some great food, wonderful fellowship, and the kids (our boys and their granddaughter) had fun playing. We kept it simple with a few gifts from us and they also bought him a gift.

Playing in the play area. Yes, his socks are mix-matched. We gave up on trying to find matches.
Corduroy was a favorite of mine when I was little!
A cute suit for Sundays was a blessing from the pastor’s family.
First 100 Animals was another book from Mommy and Daddy.

He also received The Very Hungry Caterpillar and some clothes. We found these onesie shirts, pj pants, and footie pjs at a thrift store when we visited family in Pensacola, Florida area last month. We bought all the books used on Amazon and had them shipped to the campground office. A sweet lady I met online sent us a gift card to Amazon to brighter our boys’ birthday and Christmas. Shh! Don’t tell them but they each have three more books coming for Christmas. 

The rest of his gifts from Daddy and Mommy.

I just wanted to share how we enjoyed his birthday since this RV lifestyle can be unique when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and family traditions. 
What are some unique traditions your family has for holidays and birthdays? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with my journey! 


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