Today was a busy walking day since I miss my walking yesterday.My boys and I started out on a Lowes Scavenger Hunt for a homeschooling project for Lucas.

I created this list by picking one or two things from Lowes’ different departments. Yes, I know I spelled chandelier wrong.

Lucas only had trouble finding the lazy Suzan and the triangle. He did great and we walked 1.25 miles while doing it!

Then we went back to Westgate Park to hike the 3.6 dirt trail. We did also check out the Westgate Branch Library while there. Lucas likes Boxcar Children books and I wanted to show him that they had some. 

This library is nice and newer looking.
Family Riding Bikes sculture is pretty! Not sure if it is actually named.
Boy Reading sculpture is quite detailed.

We finished off our walking by getting another .5 miles in while shopping at Walmart. So today’s total miles was almost 5.5 miles

Do you walk to stay in shape? Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with my family’s journey.


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