I have always been a bit of a minimalist when it came to my closet. I only kept things I liked and used with only the occasional item that was seldom or never used. Since I got married, my side of the closet has always had half the amount of clothes as my husband’s side. Sometimes even less than that. My side of the closet has had significantly less clothes for a number of reasons:

  1. My weight has fluctuated since I first started having children. Over the years my size has gone up and down. My husband has only bumped up one size in the last ten years. I used to store the off sizes in a storage bin. Last year I ditched the extra sizes and just learned to accept where I was in weight.
  2. I don’t like to shop. I honestly think men have it way easier. Jeans and dressy pants, t-shirts and button ups or polos, and a few other things like belts, shoes, ties, sweaters, and suits can be found at almost any number of stores. They find their size and are done. Women, especially those that don’t wear jeans  and like skirts and dresses below the knee like myself, really have to hunt. Finding modest clothes is hard work and I would much rather have less than to have to hunt down more.
  3. I also wear my clothes out faster because I own fewer and often stain them. I haven’t quite mastered getting stains out of our clothes yet. Once my shirts get really stained or faded, I tend to get a new batch of shirts from the thrift store.

    My current waredrobe now makes me extremely satisfied and my only desire is a cardigan or jacket to go over my sleeveless dress. I have a simple and modest taste in clothes and buy items that are from thrift stores, most the time, but still higher quality. Here is my side of the closet minus one hoodie that was draped over the couch and missed the picture:

    My favorite colors to wear are reds, pinks, and purples.

    I counted my items and have a list to share with you. I own:

    5 Skirts

    • 1 Jean Skirt
    • 1 Grey Maxi Skirt
    • 1 Black and White Striped Skirt
    • 1 Black Cotton Skirt
    • 1 Black Dressy Skirt
    The grey skirt is mostly hiding under the black and white skirt in this picture.

    3 Dresses

    • 1 Sleeveless Black Dress
    • 1 3/4 Sleeve Black Dress
    • 1 Striped Dress with Belt
    I still need a jacket or cardigan to go over the sleeveless dress.

    6 Short Sleeve Shirts

    • Pink Floral Shirt
    • Dark Blue Shirt
    • Pink Polka Dot Collared Shirt
    • Blue Polka Dot Shirt
    • Purple “Home is Where You Park It” T-Shirt 
    • Blue “Fellowship Fun Day” T-Shirt
    I love wearing polka dots!

    6 Long Sleeve Shirts

    • Purple Striped Shirt
    • Red Shirt
    • Purple Shirt
    • Pink Shirt
    • Blue Shirt
    • Green Shirt
    Some of these solid colored shirts were about $7-8 at Walmart.

    4 Sweaters, Hoodies or Pullovers

    • Red Christmas Tree Turtleneck
    • Grey Zip-up Hoodie
    • Oversized Grey Pullover
    • Blue “USA” Hoodie (not pictured)
    The oversized pullover I have had for 10 years and seldomly wear it. Yet is so comfy that I refuse to part with it. It is great for fall campfire nights or over clothes when playing in the snow.

    If you are trying to build a capsule waredrobe, I would suggest:

    • Buying clothes you like (material, style, colors) and currently fit.
    • Trying to have some of your bottoms match at least a few of your tops. Not all your clothes need to be mix-matched but a few gives you some variety.
    • Having a few key items that just make you feel amazing.
    • Experimenting until you find your “look“.
    • Being you and not stressing over a certain “number” of clothes.

    Do you have a capsule waredrobe? What all do you own? Don’t forget to follow my journey. For more minimalism articles click here.


    13 thoughts on “Minimalism in an RV: A Woman’s Capsule Wardrobe 

        1. It definitely is! One thing that has helped me over the years is to put clean things back in on the same side. Then anything that wasn’t worn in a season or year is all on the other side and is gotten rid of.


        2. That is a good tip. I wear all mine. As I stain them or notice they are fading real bad, I retire them out and get some more. By the time summer comes, most my long sleeves will be weeded out and some tank tops will be added. Anything still nice goes into a space saver bag. After summer my tank tops become part of my pjs. 🙂

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        3. Oh, for a stain remover, try Dawn, baking soda, and water. I think that’s what I used. Should be easy to google. I got a lot of baby clothes hand me downs and this stuff got off old formula stains even.


    1. Hmm the wardrobe that you described for men is mine and I am a woman. Only 6 pairs of jeans, same brand and style, in blues and black. One pair of dress trousers. Plain tee shirts, long sleeve cotton or linen shirts, two sweaters, two turtlenecks, a couple hoodies, and my ten year old 3-in-1 coat from Lands End.


    2. A good way to remove stains is to take some detergent on the spot, let it sit, then rub the cloth of the stain together. It tends to remove most stains imaginable and hasn’t failed me yet! My old roommate taught me this trick.


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