Olive Oil and Marjoram: A Tale of Letting Go

The RV life is unpredictable. I suppose all life is unpredictable actually. How you react to life’s ups and downs makes all the difference! How do you respond to the unexpected misfortunes of life? Let me tell you a little tale about olive oil and marjoram.

You see, we live in a fifth wheel fulltime. I love our home and I love the lifestyle. Yet, we live in a home on wheels. The truck and fifth wheel hits holes and sometimes they are big ones! My husband is colorblind to the brown/tan color family and has difficulty seeing how deep dirt holes are.Well, he hit a dirt hole while pulling off the road yesterday. The truck got air time and the fifth wheel looked like a bucking bronco!

Yes, the vehicles are ok but the inside looked a mess! The spice and tupperware cabinets had opened and threw items all over the place. My handheld mixer, which was in the tupperware cabinet, ended up about 5 feet away and a lid made it all the way next to my bed, about 10 feet away! A lower cabinet had opened and the screws in the lower hinge came out. I was thankful my glass tubberware bowls didn’t break but not everything made it.

My olive oil had fell and popped the lid off and my marjoram spice jar had shattered. I opened the door to broken glass, marjoram, and olive oil mixed among tubberware containers, spices, some paperwork, and other odd and ends. My heart sank a bit. I still had oil left in the bottle and I eventually found the lid. But the glass marjoram jar was swept up and disposed.

So why did I have a glass spice jar in my rv in the first place? Because the organic, glass jar was the only marjoram we could find in the store…only two days before. I never got to use my hard-to-find spice. I was disappointed but I reminded myself that people are more important than things. My family was safe and I can always but more olive oil and marjoram.

Have you had moments in life that reminded you that people are more important than things? I’d love to hear your stories!



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