Minimalism in an RV: Discovering YOU


Why would you reduce the things in your life? And why uproot from a home with a foundation to a life on the road? The answer is complex, varies between everyone, but is also so simple: to pursue you!


When you don’t feel completely at home where you currently live, travel gives you the option of “test-driving” different cities, states, or even countries. Or maybe your passions, goals, and desires are best fulfilled through the journey itself. 


Also travel pulls you out of everything you know and shows you what’s left. Who are you when family and close friends are not there to view all your decisions under a microscope? In this social media world, it is near impossible to truly get away from it all. But disconnecting for awhile and only updating bits of your life gives people less to critique.


Living in a small home with all your items you own, unless you have some stored elsewhere, makes you thankful for what you do own. You take better care of what you have. What you hold valuable in your life becomes truly precious and admired.


When you disconnect from what you currently know and throw yourself into different situations, you learn more about yourself, people, and the world around you. You meet new people with unique personalities. You can have interesting discussions.You learn more about what the world really has to offer. 


I think the most rewarding benefit of being on the road is being able to reflect on what you want in your present and future life. Do you need to get more schooling for a more fullfilling career? Do you need to make new friends and weed out negative ones? Are you looking to settle down and know where you want to? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when you give yourself time to slow down and reflect on life.

The rest of the “Minimalism in an RV” series can be found here. How has minimalsim and/or rving helped you figure out what you want in your life? I would love to hear your stories. 🙂


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