Recently, I asked people in RV groups on Facebook what they were interested in learning more about. Cooking was a topic mentioned so this week I took pictures of different meals I made. I will make more posts in the future on what items I have in my kitchen and what we normally eat when food is plentious.

I cook a mostly whole foods diet for my family with occasional convenient foods when we have the money. We don’t buy groceries every week but whenever our budget allows it. Our meals are plentious and varied after shopping trips but after a week or two, I am making some simple or very creative dishes. Towards the beginning of the week, I made this meal:

Ground beef cooked with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes served covered in ketchup with mashed potatoes on the side.

We only ate some of the meat for lunch so I used the leftovers to make dinner. I used my crockpot to make chili using the leftover meat, canned tomato sauce, canned black beans, and different spices. It was quite tasty and I enjoyed the chili on the cooler Florida evening.

My handy crockpot!

Wednesday was mostly leftovers and some rice and beans. Thursday I used my crock pot to make beef stew with chuck roast, onion, celery, carrots, potatoes, and spices. We finished the stew today, Friday, but we had leftover broth from the stew. I made this tonight:

These fresh biscuits from scratch and gravy made from the stew broth were delicious!

I have some food leftovers for tomorrow. I will use the rest of the broth when cooking rice to give it a rich beef flavor. I will serve scrambled eggs and biscuits with butter and jelly for breakfast. The leftover gravy will go great over mashed potatoes for lunch. 

I love being frugal and turning these leftovers into two seperate, new meals.

As far as cooking goes in our fifth wheel, I don’t feel much hindrance compared to our last house. My kitchen is about the size of an apartment kitchen. Sometimes more counter space is desired but I have learned to use it wisely and keep the kitchen more tidy. 

This is my kitchen counter space after dishes where finished tonight. The lower counter section on the left folds down.

I know some RVs, especially travel trailers, have drastically less space. When we picked out our home, a bigger kitchen was a deal breaker for us since I enjoy cooking a lot. Obviously, a smaller kitchen than ours would have less equipment but I don’t feel limited in ours. I actually have a little extra room since our first RV we had a few months back.

My beloved, larger RV kitchen. ❤

So that is our cooking for this week. I hope that gave you a little insight to some frugal, RV cooking. We really don’t live much different, just in a smaller home. Now baking is a different story! Do you have anything questions on our RVing living or minimalism? Please leave your comments below!


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