It has came to my attention recently that many people assume ALL Fulltime RVers are generally the same. Some may view them as campers that cook all their meals over a fire pit. Others view all of them as retired travelers. And still others think the younger generation is just looking for adventure or to enrich their children’s education. The camper, retired traveler, adventurer, and roadschooler might be some on the road today, but it is not everyone. Today I want to just discuss the type of RVers I view my family as-the Frugal Independents.

The Frugal Independents are indivuals or families looking to own their own home. Some might be financing still but their goal is to own. They may be tired of renting and having their money go into someone else’s pocket or they might be trying to save to buy their own land. We currently are fed up with renting and are wanting to travel before we even consider settling down somewhere.

The Frugal Independents are the workampers, business consultants, and small business owners that are just trying to make ends meet. Their goal is to be debt free and traveling is just an incentive. They want freedom from credit card debt, student loans, and morgage payments. They may be renting their home as a source of income and not planning to move back.

The Frugal Independents are or are planning to go off the grid.Their goal is to get solar panels and generators instead of paying the cost of campgrounds. They want state parks and open spaces to have the freedom of independence they desire. They might have a cookout, use their rv kitchen, or enjoy a local restaurant when they want to splurge. They want the freedom to choose.

The Frugal Independents are conscience of how they spend their money. Their goal is to use their money on their passions and hobbies. They may have container gardens, mend their own clothes, can their own foods, cook from scratch, homeschool on a tight budget, cut their own hair, maintain their own vehicles, or other such things to be frugal.We currently mend our clothes, cook from scratch often, homeschool on a budget, and I cut my family’s hair. We work on our own vehicles and my husband has more tools in our understorage than anything else.

I wanted to explain who we are because I feel many people don’t understand why we chose to fulltime RV. Yes, the traveling is great, hot dogs over a campfire taste better, and fulltiming allows us to roadschool but it is not our number one motive. We want independence!

So if you are a fulltime RVer, what type are you: camper, retired traveler, adventurer, roadschooler, or other? I look forward to your comments.


8 thoughts on “Different Types of RVers-The Frugal Independents

  1. While I appreciate you pointing out that rvers aren’t all the same, I think I would go farther and say that they are, in fact, all different. We are frugal, we are in it for the travel, we own a home we rent out, we mostly parking lot boondock, peppered with inexpensive campgrounds. Just as every person is unique, so is every journey.

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    1. I totally agree! I think it is great that more people are able to camp as they so choose. Being able to boodock to save money but also use campgrounds for their convience, amenities, location, to meet others, etc. I think if more articles are written about the differences and uniqueness of RVers, there will not be such generalizations made. So many people find the idea of fulltiming crazy until they get to understand the “whys” and “hows” of it all. Thanks for your comment. Do you write or vlog about your journey?

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  2. Hey there! I’m not on the road yet but will be in about another 7 months or so. I would say I identify as a frugal independent. I’ve always been frugal. First by necessity as a single mom and then it just became my preference. As time as gone by I’ve become more of a minimalist, eschewing “things.” My hope is to share my thoughts and experiences as a retired solo woman minimalist RVer on a budget.

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  3. You’re exactly correct…there are all types of full-timers. I’m 58, my husband is 63. We retired earlier than expected but decided to make the best of it. Because we were too busy working, keeping a house & spending more money than we saved we decided that in order to enjoy our retirement & still see this beautiful country we would sell our home, buy a used 5th wheel toy hauler & set out. So far we have loved our decision & can’t imagine a better lifestyle. We just had solar installed so we can afford to continue this life as long as we can so boondocking is the only way we can. We are so excited to start boondocking…in about a month.
    We love this life we have chosen & so glad circumstances forced it on us. Would have it any other way!
    You have a great blog!

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  4. I am a 59 year old single male. None of that was planed or even thought of 20 years ago. But here I am. It is a life I chose. I have a small residual income from yesteryear. I mostly earn as I go. I have multiple skills to use as I journey. I started as a Workamper but found that I do much better as an independent. The weather is always nice when I find a place to park for a moment.


  5. Kinda frugal, kinda minimalist, kinda health nut, free of most ties and anchors, full-time boondocker, 70, 19 ft trailer & Jeep with 3 fur babies. Living cheap cuz of below average SS. But I’m the healthiest, happiest, toughest old gal you’ll meet! My page is public and you might enjoy going thru some of my SNOWBIRDS on a SHOESTRING REPORTS. Other fun stuff there too.

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