“Minimalism in an RV” is a series I started recently discussing how minimalism, particularly in an RV, affects individuals and families. I have already talked about how minimalism in an RV forces us to deal with our personal problems. Today I want to talk about living without a desk or designated work space in an RV.

Our computer is usually on the table, this bench dining seat, or on the back of the couch.

Now there are some fulltime RVers that have created little desks in their traveling homes but most do not have the floor space to do so. We have a laptop and most the time we just use in at the dining table or in our laps while sitting on the couch or bed. We also have a printer that is plugged in and stored in the cabinet below our living room tv. I feel these two things are kept in very convenient locations.

This printer stored in the cabinet below the tv works well for us.
Our office supply cabinet needs some tidying up but having the smaller storage containers is helpful.

Paperwork, office supplies, and homeschooling materials have been a bit trickier but we are learning to downsize and organize what we have. We bought an according file folder for our filed paperwork and big envelopes for old documents we need to keep. Office supplies are mostly in smaller storage containers and baskets in the cabinet above the tv. Our homeschooling material is all in a plastic crate on the floor.

Our homeschooling crate works out great for us!

I will admit that the storage options in RVs are challenging sometimes. We have plenty of it in ours but it takes some time getting used to in an RV when you become a fulltime family. Downsizing what you have to only what you need and truly want has helped us. I went through office supplies and narrowed down our pens, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, and such to just the bare minimum before we moved in. We are not a crafty family, except my sewing hobby, so this was easy for me. I still feel paperwork is a constant struggle though.

The toddler was constantly getting into the paperwork that was left out so we started storing it in this metal storage rack. We also use Command Hook clips to hang up papers.

Have you had trouble with not having a desk in your RV? What are some organizing tips you have for an RV’s office space? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Minimalism in an RV: Living Without a Desk

  1. check out my business. its organizing containers. i use almost all my products, only issue is paperwork which is minimal. look at my website for.organizing help. go ahead and place an order , it can be shipped to you. any questions please email im or call thank you


  2. We are getting ready to tackle the same problem as my husband will be home-officing in our RV. I’m looking forward to following and seeing what solutions you come up with. I’ll also circle back if I find anything useful that works for us. Glad I stumbled upon your blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your journey. Dawn


  3. TV trays! I’m a freelance writer living in a fifth wheel that doesn’t even have a dining room table, so I’m accustomed to using the laptop where it’s name suggests (on top of my lap!)… but on the occasions when I want a work-surface, I’m grateful for the flexibility of a couple TV trays we keep handy.


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