Minimalism in an RV: Dealing with Personal Problems

For the next few weeks, I’m going to talk about how minimalism in an RV can affect families and individuals. The rest of the articles can be found here. Most of our marriage, we have tried to have a minimalist and organized house. It wasn’t until this year though that we got dramatic and downsized to an RV. But moving your family into an RV, no matter how prepared you are, is still going to go different than you planned.

Your problems and disagreements will be compounded. Can you solve them? Yes. That is the point of my writing this article. You will be challenged to solve them as soon as possible to not conflict with the greater good of the family. Relational conflicts, messiness from laziness or lack of organizational skills, and even yo-yoing weight issues will be needing resolved quicker in an RV than in a typical American house.

When in an RV, a couple, child-parent, or even children will need to solve their differences quickly if they want to keep peace, and not screaming, within the family home. There is not really places to go to get away from each other. Sure, an adult can drive off for a breather but they still need to return and the two (or more) need to resolve their issues. Most every room is a shared living space and unless you feel the silent treatment is the best option, I would suggest getting good at communicating your differences.

Messiness in an RV seems more obvious on how it impacts others. If you want to not be stumbling over toys, misplacing paperwork, and having food expiring before it is used up, you really need to learn the skills of consist de-cluttering and organizing. If these are issues in your current home, sit down with your family and try to resolve them soon. Plan to minimize and consistently put things away when done to help keep an organized home for the family. Will you have messy days sometimes? Yes. Learn to work together as a family and those more organized can help teach the less organized how to keep a tidy space.

You are probably wondering how weight yo-yoing impacts a family in an RV though. For one, most RV closets are not large enough to hold extra sizes for those that lose and gain weight often. Sure you can find a way to organize, or space save those clothes you aren’t using currently, but ultimately you should just strive to keep the weight off. Some people that yo-yo in weight are binge eaters. Moving into an RV with limited pantry and/or fridge space makes everyone more aware of how quickly food is consumed. If one person is eating the family out of house and home, it is spotted sooner than in a home with more food storage space.

I said all that to say that if you are considering fulltime RVing, make sure you understand your life will change more than just your house size, location, and possible job. To have an enjoyable fulltime RVing experience, you will need to learn to grow and adapt to the many problems people face in today’s culture. Your family will need to get creative and problem solve their issues, sometimes in non-conventional ways. I think many that decide to stop fulltiming, because “it didn’t work for us” really just struggled with the ability to adapt and overcome their issues as a family unit. I understand there are acceptable reasons to stop fulltiming (such as health issues, needing more stability, wanting to own land, etc) but I wish those that are RVing or planning to, will understand that life in an RV will compound your problems. How you overcome those problems is all just part of life’s journey. Enjoy the ride or you’ll probably be getting out of the lifestyle within a year or so.


2 thoughts on “Minimalism in an RV: Dealing with Personal Problems

  1. Well said!

    We have not gone RVing, but we have just completed a 6 week road trip in transition to a semi nomadic international traveling lifestyle. I could not believe the issues that came up. Food and clothes- just like you mentioned. I had no idea someone consuming Cheetos could be such a cause of strife!! And my kids and I are definitely so much closer after having to resolve differences so quickly in close quarters.

    Can’t wait to read your next one!

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