Our 2006 Fifth Wheel and Truck we bought in September.

RVing is amazing! I love this lifestyle but there are some things that make homes with foundations sound amazing some days! We are not on a permanent vacation like I mentioned in my last post but we did choose this lifestyle for it’s many high points-travel, more time as a family, minimalism and other things.But today’s post is about some of the drawbacks and downfalls to rving.

1.) Tax, Title, Registration, and Insurance

We started out our rving journey with HaRVey, a 38 ft class A. We bought Harvey in Ohio and had all the paperwork and plates done. We also owned a car and all that was done too. But Harvey’s engine blew while in route to our first workamping job in northeast Indiana. We ended up buying a fifth wheel in Michigan and a truck in Indiana. Getting all the paperwork for these figured out has been crazy. We had moved to Florida for our job and tried to register there. Turns out insurance in Florida is one of the highest. So we ended up driving back to Ohio so we could register our truck. Our fifth wheel already has Florida plates that we did a couple weeks ago. But turns out our current insurance doesn’t cover it now. Back to the drawing board for insurance companies!

2.) Mailing Address

There are mailing services that you can use while fulltiming but we haven’t set it up yet. So we personally use our home address as my husband’s parent’s house. We have lived there off and on over the years so our license has that address and all our mail goes there. My husband travels back once a month for National Guard and picks up our mail then.

3.) Voting

Since we are not currently in Ohio to vote and we waited too long to ask for an absentee ballot, we won’t be voting this year. We could have planned better for this but we had a lot happen that kept us distracted from figuring out how to get our absentee ballots. Planning ahead for “normal” things can be time consuming.

4.) Workamping

A workamping job might be exactly what you need to travel. Although from personal experience, the job might not go as planned! Having to change jobs while on the road can be challenging on the budget but with Craigslist and other sites, you might be able to find gigs that get you by till the new job kicks in. 

5.) Shopping and Services

If your travels have you moving a lot, you will be navigating ALL THE TIME to everything. Groceries, gas stations, banks, church, cell phone companies, post office, etc. You make every town you move to as a new temporary hometown. You have to figure out everything! And sometimes it just gets tiring!

So before you plan to go fulltime, make sure you have a plan for most these things mentioned. This lifestyle is amazing but ordinary tasks can take a lot more planning time than anticipated. If you are already on the road, what tips do you have to simpilfy the decisions and planning? 


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