Enjoying the Gulf of Mexico from Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, FL

This fulltime lifestyle is NOT a permanent vacation. Yes, we go see amazing things like the Gulf of Mexico that we enjoyed yesterday but not every day is an exploring day. Actually most days aren’t exploring days. We have work to do. We travel for work, we homeschool, and we keep up with every day life tasks.
Our days consist of meals, dishes, laundry, wiping a dirty toddler butt, teaching lessons, tidying, bills, and most everything else that the average homeschooling family has to do. We just have extra work and more rewards. About every two weeks, we are moving to a new campground so we have a lot of prep work that goes into that.

The moving process consists of dumping tanks, disconnecting hoses and the electric cord, cleaning up, pulling in slides, securing counter items, making sure the antenna is down, and hooking the fifth wheel to the truck. We make sure our lot is left cleaned up and ready for the next camper. Moving preparations take generally 1 1/2-2 hours for us before we can get on the road. Add in travel time and setting up at the next campground, and your whole day is nearly gone.

But what we see, explore, learn about, and do is AMAZING! It is worth it to show my kids the world and enjoy traveling with my husband. It is just not always what you see in my social media pictures. Those are the highlights. There are many moments, days, and sometimes weeks that are just rough. We have times we want to just be left alone, cuddle with a comfy blanket, take a nap, watch some tv, or just have some quiet time.

So if you are planning to go fulltime in an rv, make sure you know what you are getting into. There WILL be rough days. For some people the benefits do not outweight the struggles of fulltiming. Having a permanent home and traveling is still very rewarding. For us, enjoying the world fulltime as a family is TOTALLY WORTH IT! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I am not on a Permanent Vacation

  1. My family is in the middle of transitioning to a similar situation. we just finished 6 weeks on the road, will be in a family members home for another month and then flying to another country- which will not be our permanent home. While it’s great to see all the sites, I so appreciate your comments on it not being a permanent vacation! Homeschooling and raising kids while traveling is hard work!


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