Workamping with Young Children is HARD Work!

Workamping with young children is not for the faint of heart. My husband is now with us more during the day because our workamping job allows us to do it together as a team, which is awesome! But there seems to be so much more to do when living this lifestyle! 

Our oldest tried frog legs today.

Our job has us moving about every two weeks, from one campground or rv resort to the next, to get sponsors for the masterboards (signs with park layout). We meet business owners, managers, or market managers in person so it involves driving…A LOT! My husband drives and I navigate and we do a bit of homeschooling in the car when we can.

Lucas playing in the back seat while we drive around.

When we have work to do at home, I am usually juggling helping my husband, setting up/teaching my oldest his school lessons, cooking meals, cleaning up the house, and chasing the toddler. Everything that needs done in a “normal” house seems magnified because of a few reasons. One, we move often and live in a small place so we try to keep a tidy house every day. Two, our job is now a set-your-own-hours type job and we work “from home”. Three, homeschooling in and of itself is a huge undertaking!

Workamping with the kids in tow lets us see this cutie all day!

But I love it! 
Sometimes I get discouraged or overwhelmed but I am loving the blessings. We are together all the time. Our relationships have deepened between all four of us. We can handle attitude issues right away. We are learning as we go and experiencing new things together. Today we tried gator and frog legs for lunch (we are currently in Florida). It is neat to see our children experience things with us.

This fried gator was great!

But by the end of the day, I am plum wore out and wondering when I will get certain chores done. When will I get time to fold our now three loads of clean laundry? How did the toddler manager to leave toy cars in our room again? Did I pay all the bills? Life is different now but I think most moms with kids at home struggle with having enough time for it all.

Excited for Lunch Time!

So I take it one day, sometime hour, at a time and just enjoy the days. Life is a journey and I’m taking my family along for the ride!


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