Preparing for Devotions

With today being Sunday, I am sure this is a topic someone has thought about today. How do you do church while on the road? What are my options? Now I’m not sure what you believe or what denomination you are but I know of 5 options you have for “church” while on the road.

1. Radio Preachers

If you have to physically be traveling on Sunday, you can typically find preachers on the local Christian radio stations. We have even heard a local Catholic channel in Indiana where we currently are located. Some of these preachers are from different states than you are currently even in. When we lived in Ohio, we had a couple channels to choose from.

2.) On-line Streaming of Church Services

If you are loyal to your hometown preacher or have other preachers you enjoy, see if you can watch the service on the internet. In this day and age or electronics, many churches are offering on-line streaming for those that are sick, traveling, or just struggle to make it to church. Before I was fulltime, I struggled with my second pregnancy. On the days I was really sick, I stayed home and watched our church service live. An added perk is that it keeps you up-to-date on upcoming events and major prayer requests or news of those within the church.

3. Local Churches

If you are just craving some in person worship time, look up local churches that match your beliefs. Some states and areas may be limited in churches that you agree with but many large cities have a variety of churches and worship service styles to choose from. Do some research and visit their websites to get a feel of the church before you attend.

4.) Personal and/or Family Devotions

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, can’t find what you need, or just need a break from people; do a personal or family devotion. Grab your Bible, a notebook, pen or pencil, worship cds or whatever gets you in the mood for worshipping your Creator. Have some prayer time alone or as a family and read some scripture together. You can keep a prayer log if you enjoy that type of thing.

5. Preachers on DVD 

I saved this one for last since it can be used with Personal or Family Devotions. My family enjoys S. M. Davis DVDs from to use on the days we can’t make it to a local church. We still get great messages and it gives us a chance to pause and discuss topics with our kids. I’m sure other preachers have preaching on cd or dvd form but that is just what we enjoy and agree with doctrinally.

I hope this list gave you ideas on how to keep up your spiritual life while on the road. What ideas would you add to this list?


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