We are Mold Breakers

I am awake after hearing my toddler get up earlier to get a drink. I got him his drink, snuggled him, and put him back to bed. I finished a movie I was watching earlier and checked my Facebook notifications. A family member commented that they don’t think we are making a good decision about our life. It’s our life and I don’t need this person’s approval to make decisions. But we all have that one person (or more than one) that thinks all our choices we make about our life are not the right choices.

You see, we are Mold Breakers. We don’t fit the cookie cutter life. We don’t want the 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the suburbs with a bit of a yard for our kids to run around in. I am in no way putting down that life style. It is just not for us. It is actually something we thought we wanted in prior years but we have since became a bit more honest with ourselves about what we really want in life.

We get restless in one area. We want to travel. We want to homeschool our kids. We want a minimalist life so we don’t have to waste time on excess. My husband wants a job we can do together if we want. We eat a pretty healthy, generally whole foods diet. We just don’t fit the mold to live in one house the rest of our lives with my husband having a “9-5” job. It’s just not us.

I feel we both tried to be people pleasers for many years. Do want others would expect us to do. We bought our first home in El Paso, TX when we were 21 and 23 and people said we were crazy. We had to move because of the military so we sold that home. Going active duty was another thing people disagreed on my husband doing. He was just trying to support his family.  

He deployed twice and we bought another home in 2013. My husband got out of active duty army and went to Bible College. We have a renter in the home now. We thought we should go to Bible College because it is a noble Christian thing to do. Nothing is wrong with Bible college. My husband enjoyed the 1 1/2 years he took classes but he wasn’t being true to himself. Becoming a pastor is just not him.

Always trying to please others will make you regret not being you. Sometimes it takes years and failed attempts to figure out who you actually are. Some people never take that journey to self-discovery. We are now. We have tried different home businesses and they have failed. We have tried living different places, they don’t feel like home.

We feel at home when we are together and we feel relaxed on the go. This fulltime lifestyle is not for most. There are sacrifices but we feel the perks outweigh the downfalls. Will we change our minds in the future? Maybe. But isn’t life all about change. We just want to live ours with no regrets.


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