This week has been an interesting week and today is no different. Our 1996 RV engine died on Tuesday and we were able to coast into a rest area parking spot before it gave up the ghost. So we have been stuck in the middle of No Where Indiana for 5 days now while we try to get a new RV financed. We had spent Wednesday and Thursday visiting local RV shops and found one that will work with us in southern Michigan. 

While we wait on banks, money to come through, and the weekend to pass; we are hanging out in the RV. Although to add to the mix, my husband had to return to Ohio for his National Guard weekend. So it has been crazy. He did rent a car so I would be left with some wheels that work. 

I have been trying to keep my boys on a schedule, as much as I can, as we go through this trial. Kids should not have to worry about shelter or financial issues. They will grow up soon enough and have to take care of themselves. For now, we have been trying to spend time with them and still do homeschooling. Yesterday I went through their clothes and added the fall clothes to the closets for my boys. We went to Salvation Army, the grocery store, and a laundromat. We might be stuck at the rest stop but life still goes on.

Last night, I realized that I was getting low on fresh water so i knew I would have to ask for help. My mom happened to have a friend that lived 35 minutes away. We got in touch and I asked if we could take showers there. She welcomed us over but I will admit that I was extremely nervous about going over to a near stranger’s home.

Turns out the lady and her husband were sweethearts! They have grandbabies so my kids played with their toys. Their two dogs were awesome with kids and it was really nice to have adult conversation. She actually knew quite a bit about me since my mom met her on-line 10 years ago. It was an interesting visit and an awesome long shower! They sent us on our way clean with snacks, a toy, bubbles, and glow sticks for the kids. It really is amazing the people you meet on the road!

Goodies from our new friend, Jill, and her husband. We ate some snacks on the car ride home.

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