The last month of summer has finally came to an end and it is time for school. I home schooled our son two years ago but we put him in a Christian school last year. They use an advanced curriculum and decided he needed to repeat 1st grade since he was behind in reading. We didn’t like it at first because all the other subjects were too simple for him but we just focused on reading as much as we could. He borrowed books from the library and read all the Dick and Jane books in the county! He has since picked up on reading at an amazing rate!

Our crate of books for the year. I only keep one chapter book in the crate at a time. I do have two books of classic fables and such that I read to both boys.

So this year we are doing a bit of 2nd and 3rd grade. We use an eclectic approach since we feel our son does not fit into a cookie-cutter curriculum but needs more structure than unschooling. He is finishing up some books from two years ago that were too advanced but now seem almost too easy. This gives us a chance to ease back into homeschooling though. 

This was our schedule for this week. It was just too many subjects per day! We are too thorough and this many subjects made me feel I was rushing him too much.

This week we tried to do 5-6 subjects a day but by Wedbesday I was feeling overwhelmed. We don’t just sit down and do a worksheet or read over a lesson. We discuss EVERYTHING. My son is very much like me in this department and wants to know WHY and HOW things work. This actually would make unit studies work for us but I am not ready for that much planning at this time in my life.

Lesson plans for next week have been simplified to 3 subjects a day! I categorized subjects into 3 groups. 1’s are harder or more time consuming subjects so no more than one a day. 2’s are just normal subjects. 3’s are the more exciting subjects that typically have projects with them.

This week I have discovered that our son has a love for Science and Health. He likes learning about the different lessons and doing projects. He wants to learn more about the body and how it works. He was reading a reference book at my in-laws and was showing me all kinds of medical ailments. I look forward to exploring this subject more this year.

This was one of many Science experiments from this week. We picked items and he had to predict if they would sink or float. We also recorded what actually happened.

I have so many exciting books to read with him and projects to do! I am looking forward to this school year. I hope to build a love for learning in our son and really establish his reading vocabulary this year. I might not blog as much as I want to but I will try to update you all with pictures when I can. How was school this week for your family?


4 thoughts on “First Week of 2016-2017 Roadschool Year

  1. I think it’s a great start to your school year, and you’re definitely more organized than unschooling. 😉 Good luck, have fun!


  2. I think what you’re doing is awesome. I don’t homeschool our kids but I like reading your blog for teaching ideas for home. I’m a very hands on parent so I like the kids to learn both at school and home. I remember one summer break when I was going into 3rd grade and my brother was going into 4th. My brother was behind in school so my Mom setup summer school at home. I learned fractions early from watching my mom teach my brother. You just never know what kids will pick up!


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