Where do I begin about this trip?! This was our first big road trip and was supposed to be to a relaxing destination with water. Little did we know that making no plans ahead of time over Fourth of July weekend is a big No-No. Since we are Full-time, I will try to plan our next vacation when everyone else is not on vacation.

First we wanted to go to Pensacola, FL and visit some family near the beach. Turns out everyone was busy during our vacation days. Next we thought of Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach but both were all booked because of July Fourth. So we debated between Cooks Forrest, PA (it was supposed to be our honeymoon destination almost 10 years ago but we got married in March when everything is closed) or going to Gatlinburg, TN. We chose Tennessee.

So we got a later start on day one but not too bad. We stopped at Longaberger Homestead for a bit of sight seeing. Sadly, the place has became a ghost town and the company stopped making high quality baskets about 5-6 years ago. We walked through the museum, old workshop, and replica of the family’s home.

After the stop to Longaberger, HaRVey (our RV’s nickname) started to have issues. The passenger’s window, which is missing the handle but taped shut, loosen up and was flapping in the wind as we were driving down the interstate! I was currently sitting there so I was holding the window as we tried to find an exit. We ended up pulling off into a church parking lot and re-taping the window. Later we had to re-tape it with Gorilla Tape.

Once we got back on the road, we were almost to Columbus, OH when I glanced up from my passenger seat tasks (planning stops, finding things to do on the way to TN). I felt a lot of air suddenly. I look over at my husband and the corner of the windshield was 4 to 6 inches out of the frame and was just hanging in mid-air!!! As we hit bumps in the road, it was shaking! We found another safe exit to take and found a place to park. We took out our step stool and ladder and tried to push it back in place. The rubber seal that holds the glass on one side and the fiberglass frame on the other had came off the frame. the driver’s side and both corners had shook loose!

So we tried our best to get it pushed back but it was hard. We called the insurance company and they told us they could send out someone tomorrow to check it out. We drove nervously to Columbus area trying to park near an auto glass business. We parked in a Walmart. We went in and bought some things and just called it a day. This was just the beginning of our 8 day trip!

*UPDATED 8-26-2016 I was planning on writing about each day of our trip but life just has been so busy for us. I’m sorry if you were waiting for Day 2-8.


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