So it has been a while since I posted anything to our RV blog. Life in the RV has been put on hold currently due to financial reasons but also some personal ones. You see, my step-dad is currently battling stage four cancer and my parents are having to do a short sale on their house. Unlike us, they have to purge their things even when they really don’t want to. We enjoyed downsizing, even though it was mentally challenging to question everything we owned.

My mom had kept all my baby clothes, all four kids’ toys, old furniture, decorations, stuffed animals, and many more things. And that is just the attic! My older brothers and I (with my toddler in tow) were over this past weekend helping them go through the attic. I understand people need to hold on to things for memory sake, or they think they need to, but it really is taxing on the body and mind. It was nice to go down memory lane this weekend but is really exhausting!

As much as I hate to see them have to move from a home they have lived at for over 20 years, I am actually somewhat happy that they will have less things to take care of. They plan to get a 1-2 bedroom apartment so they will no longer need to take care of a yard. They will go from a 3 bedroom house with 1 1/2 bath, dining room, eat in kitchen, finished attic with closet, and a large basement to a much more manageable sized home. But the process of downsizing is hard work and sometimes requires assistance from family and friends.

My mom was struggling with donating the baby clothes so I offered to take some of them and turn them into a small quilt. This will let her hold onto the memories, make new memories, and put the quilt over the arm of a couch or chair for all to enjoy. I have already cut up the outfits and took pictures of a rough outline of how it could look. I plan to sew some tomorrow if time permits.

That still leaves an explanation of where we are living. We are currently staying with my in-laws with the RV parked in the driveway. My husband returned safely home from his Army training and we took a road trip to Tennessee. I will have to write a post about that soon! The problem is, I miscalculated when my husband’s next paycheck was coming. So instead of waiting 2 weeks between pays, it was actually 4! Ouch! But that is life.

Life throws us curve balls and we just have to learn to go with the flow. I think it has actually been really nice to stay with family for awhile. The boys are loving seeing Grandma and Grandpa every day, we are able to help Mom and Dad out, and they make sure their house has plenty of food for all of us. I am not sure how long we have to stay here but I am thankful for family that helps and blesses each other. When my husband gets paid, we can contribute to groceries again and maybe move to a campground.

The next couple months depend on many things. My husband is trying to find another job soon but also needs to get shoulder surgery done soon (with help from the VA). So I am predicting a rough couple months ahead of us. I am still so grateful for this lifestyle that we are living. Our things stress us out less because we have less to worry about. We have time to be with family and also help them. We are currently trying to get some side work coming in to supplement our income. Life is busy but I am learning to treasure it all!

Where are you at in your journey of life? Are you out enjoying the world or do you feel parked currently-working to make ends meet, dealing with medical issues, or taking care of loved ones? I’d like to know about you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “When RV Life is Put on Hold

  1. So sorry to learn of your families’ illnesses and will be praying for them. Hearing of how difficult it is for your parents to downsize in times of need, encourages me to start more aggressively cleaning out my saved “junk to others” stuff. My only child is not sentimental and would not keep old items. I actually have things from her grandma up to her great great grandma. Will plan to put 1 thing from each of them into a box to save for after my demise. Perhaps then, the things may be treasured. The rest might be given to my siblings.

    Your blog has helped me to see that saving lots of “earthly things” is not important or necessary like making mental memories of the things we do with our family.

    Love to and prayers for you and yours, Dru


    1. Thanks Dru for your comment. I am thankful that my life and blog have touched you. Sometimes I feel my life is of little worth to others and struggle with writing. I enjoy writing and have recently been encouraged to keep writing. Thank you. Your ideas sound good. One thing from each sounds reasonable. Can things be set aside for your grandchildren?


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