It’s getting late here tonight but I had some thoughts I wanted to share. My husband comes home tomorrow from Army training. He has been away since June 3rd. In that time I have enjoyed a campground, visited multiple trails with my boys, went swimming in PA, visited friends and family, and had time to downsize and organize.

Little man took all the toys out and climbed in.

RV living takes some adjusting to on multiple levels. We moved out of our 750 sq ft rental house to our 38ft Class A in a month and a half. I have felt like I have been downsizing for the past 2 years since we moved out of our 1650 sq ft house in TX. I was always going through our things and donating what we couldn’t use. But RV living is more than just cutting out, it is a HUGE lifestyle change.

Looking at books at the Wilderness Center

Tonight, I looked up at the stars and admired them. I don’t know when I did that last. I look back and feel I wasted so much of my life keeping up with a house. Most places we lived over the years were 3 bedrooms and 2 bath. We are a family of four. That is way too much house. When your house is big, you have no need to go out of it.

My hiking buddies.

RV living has made me more active. I love that I want to find the next awesome trail to hike. I want to push my body and get into shape. I am the type of person that would rather hike or swim than go to the gym. This lifestyle just makes me want to wake up and explore this beautiful world God blessed us with.

Still my favorite spot we visited this month!

RV living has made me socialize more. I want to meet up, plan get togethers, and have people over. This life, for me, is not just about traveling more and our hobbies, but having time for people. I want to help others when I can. I enjoyed inviting a couple tent camping into my home when it started raining hard while they were making dinner. The feeling of connecting with others is awesome.

Having family and friends visit us at the campground was so cool!

One thing that has suprised me about the lifestyle is this feeling that I have a whole house of things  I still need to worry about. I know it  is not true but I spent so many years weighed down by stuff that I feel our RV and SUV isn’t all of it. We have plenty of space for us but it is a strange feeling being free. Excess stuff is truly a slave master. When you break those chains, it takes time to adjust to what to do with your spare time.

This cabinet was overflowing just a week ago. Now that I downsized the contents, everything is easy to find and grab.

So where are you are your journey in life? Is there anything you want to know about my family?


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