Reflection on First Month Fulltime

Our Family on Move Out Day- May 31st started our Fulltiming Adventure!

We have been fulltime for 3 weeks today. It is so hard to believe. It has gone by so quick! So much has happened but I haven’t written recently. It is not from lack of time but rather that my husband has been away for training and I was purposely avoiding time for reflection. Now that we are in the home stretch, self-reflection is not so hard on me emotionally.

Our Home ❤

I am really falling in love with this lifestyle. It is like a new relationship: googly eyed and still so awkward. We are still so new to this and I make many minor mistakes. I had a 5 day stretch of only driving the RV (in laws took the car back home when they visited). It was an interesting week. I had to plan ahead for everything: routes, parking, meet up sites, and rides from my parking spot. We were boondocking too so that added some fun to our trip. My boys and I were able to visit my parents, a friend, and one of my cousins.

I actually parked in the driveway without hitting anything! Super proud moment!

This lifestyle truly is as freeing as everyone claims. It’s very cliche but true. I have even made time to go through some of our boxes that just got shoved into the rig on Move Out Day (May 31st). I have some items I have donated already, multiple bags of trash, and some items I am considering selling. Where did all this stuff come from? It really is amazing how much we think we need. Even if we move back into a house, I don’t think I will ever go back to clutter.

Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Lanterman's Mill near Youngstown, OH
Lucas enjoying one of my cousin's kitten.
We have made plenty of time for swinging!

Minimalism is awesome! This lifestyle has made me learn to slow down. I am more willing to talk to others or spend time playing games. I have made time to self- reflect and to read. I really missed reading and now I have time to enjoy books again.  Minimizing is not about getting rid of your clutter but making space and time for what matters most. I feel my time with my boys has been of such better quality.

The book I am enjoying tonight before bed.

I hope you find what matters to you! 🙂


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