It has been a bit since I updated because frankly, I was disappointed and questioning why we were doing this. We started having a lot of issues on the rig and I just thought I would wait till most of them got resolved before updating. I knew things would come up but just like in s&b (sticks & bricks, aka house), “when it rains, it pours!”

So here is a list of things we have done lately on the rig:

-New wiper blade (driver’s side)
– Sealed the roof (found leak in the hallway)
– I cut off the skirts on the chairs and removed cover under couch. (Sorry if repeating about this)
– Patched screen door.
– Replaced sewage hose.
– Had to replace the relay (electrical problems that resulted in no main power from generator or house plug for about 5 days. Of course, those happened to be the days the RV got down to 57 at night. Long story short: extension cords, space heaters, heating blankets, unsccrewing walls to find  electrical stuff, youtube videos, and lots of questions.)
– Replaced plug in kitchen.
– Filled up on propane since the heater was blowing cold (turns out we accidently turned off gas switch. We thought it was the gas detector. Fridge items kept getting  warm.)
– Added Distilled water to Auxiliary batteries because they kept draining to Empty.
– Replaced the shower handles and shower head. It was leaking and we wanted a better one.
– Struggled with figuring out how washer/dryer combo works, how to turn on hot water tank, and other odd and ends.

Shower head has many settings including pause to save on water.

Things that still need done are:

– Repair the hallway wall and trim that we ripped out due to leaks.
– Change oil in generator.
– Do tune up and check tire pressure.
– Replace black tank valve. (*Fun, fun!*)

On the bright side, we mostly have the living room with stuff and some other odd and ends in the house. We only have a little left to put in the RV. Only 10 days left before we have to be moved out. I am getting so excited! The stress of decision making about decluttering is dwindling. It is starting to all fall into place. It is getting late so I will leave you with two pictures of a new toy for our oldest.

RV toy with an awning and a slide out.
Everything is removable but the front seats.

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