Today was a hard day to get started. I had planned to go through our toddler’s baby clothes. I knew that it would be an emotional purging day but today just did not go as planned. I spent most my morning dragging my feet to get started. Finally got to work late morning and got a lot done in a short amount of time.

This is my BEFORE picture of purging the baby clothes. My husband wants to hold onto them in case we get blessed with another baby.


This is what the inside of box #1 looks like. I did end up adding one more blanket and one bag with hats. I am glad I got this done today. If I have another baby, I just have to pull out box #1 and everything is pretty much already organized and ready to go!
This is the box of clothes I am getting out of our life! More space on the RV!


I have been busy this past week with posting items for sale, cleaning, cooking, and purging our things. I haven’t been eating enough and my blood sugar got really low this afternoon. I am not diabetic but sometimes my sugar will get off if I don’t eat right or often enough. I wasn’t hungry today until my sugar was so low that I was emotional and angry at anything. It wasn’t pretty!

I am learning though that sometimes the bumps in the road bring us closer together as a family. After I got some dinner in me and rested for about 30 minutes, we headed out as a family to put some things in the RV. I was excited to see some toys and books get put away for the boys. We also hung my older son’s shirts and suits and most of my husband’s hanging clothes. I had added the baby clothes and winter/summer swap boxes earlier underneath the bed. 🙂

We have to get Space Savers because this takes up most of the space under the bed! I love this space under our bed though. It goes under the whole thing. We saw many RVs that only had storage under half the bed.

We figured two important things out today. The shoe shelf is too big for behind the chair near the door. We will be cutting up an over-the-door shoe hanger and attach it to the wall there instead using Velcro strips. Also the boxes of clothes under the bed take up WAY more space than we anticipated. We plan to buy some space savers so we can store my husband’s Army things under there as well.

So the bumps in the road today weren’t too bad but today was a very emotional day. I try to do a lot of the work by myself since my husband works. I just have to remember that purging, selling our stuff, and moving in will not be done in a week. It is hard work and I need to pace myself better and make sure I eat enough. I am glad we still have a little over a month before we have to be out of the house.

Do you have stories of bad days when moving into your home on wheels? Did you become closer as a family because of it? Keep your head up when things rough and keep your end goal in sight!


One thought on “Emotions, Procrastinating, and Bumps in the Road

  1. We were part time, but decided to go full time when we bought our fifth wheel. I had 3 days to get everything out of our condo, by myself (hubby went to another state to work). I threw away a bulk of it, gave away a lot, and stored a few things. It was extremely emotional as I absolutely loved our condo, and I sobbed through most of the work. There were a few times I just had to sit down on the floor, as I was crying so hard I literally couldn’t function. So yes, I get what you mean.


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