When we decided to take on this new adventure of Fulltime RVing, we didn’t really think it would affect others. We figured some people would think we are crazy but we didn’t realize it would have others analyzing their own lives. When you decide to move into a home on wheels you are not just moving into a smaller dwelling, you are doing something counterculture. You are breaking the mold.

While talking to a friend today, she mentioned that everyone has a goal in life for their home. Most people want a large house, some land or a good sized backyard, good quality furniture, and nice decorations. She wanted to know why we were going in the opposite direction-less house, less things. What were we building up to? What are our goals?

My husband and I have privately talked about our goals for years. We want to get out of debt, travel, and be together more as a family. We have tried many different at-home businesses and attempted to remodel a camper four years ago. Most these ideas have flopped and wasted money but gave us experience and memories.

The camper we had attempted to remodel four years ago.

Many people view our desire to become Fulltime RVers as another “thing they are trying”. They see the purchase of the RV as a decision on a whim. This is definitely not the case. We have done our research, we have made our plans, and we are seeing now as a time to act upon them. This isn’t something we woke up one morning and decided to do but to the outsider, it looks that way.

It is nice to have these deeper conversations with others. It makes them understand us better when we clarify who we really are. Often we put people in a category of who we think they are just by the little bit of their life we are a part of or what we see on Facebook . Talking about it also helps others analyze their own life and wonder if they are really happy with who they are or what they are doing. Are they letting things stand in their way of their goals and dreams?

I think breaking the mold and being who you truly are is worth the struggle. I would love to get reduced down and explore my hobbies more. I love to sew and do woodworking projects. If I can find a demand for it, I might start making quilts or curtains, doing clothing alterations, and/or take on small woodworking projects. I might be a wife and mother but I would love to make the time for things that give me a thrill in life!

What are your life goals? Are you doing what you can to reach them?


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