So we have been going through our stuff for the past 10 days. I have to admit, PURGING IS HARD WORK! I keep trying to look forward to being simplified but getting there is hard. I guess it all depends how much time you give yourself until move in day. We are giving ourselves a month and a half to get out of our rental house. I thought it would be easy. I already try to keep a simplified sticks and bricks house but simplifying to a 37 ft rv is a whole other story!

Purging comes in phases. You have the “I have duplicates” phase.  Where you go through things like shoes, clothes, towels, wash rags, dishes, etc. You ask yourself things like “Does my rv really needs 3 vases?.” and “Do I really need 15 dish towels?” When you reduce these things, you realize you have less laundry to do but might have to do it more often. Also less dishes to probably wash. Some rvs have dish washers but ours doesn’t. So the question is how many dishes does a family of 4 need if we plan to clean up after meals? There is so many decisions to make when purging.

Another purging phase is the Furniture phase. Most furniture is worth a little bit of money. Do you plan to sell? Do family or friends need something? Are you donating and where? This phase can get frustrating when you have no-shows! The other day I drove 15 minutes one way to sell a stroller and the people never showed up. I wasted an hour between driving and waiting. Ok, so a stroller isn’t furniture but it is a bigger item that you can sell. Also you have to decide where you are putting the items that are inside the furniture if it sells quicker than you think.

This was our piles of books before we purged. We donated a trunk full of books to the local library. I have a smaller pile I would like to go through again. Second and third rounds of purging tend to reveal what we really want to use our valuable rv space on.

I seem to enjoy the Donation phase. I feel like I get a high from donating bags and bags of used items to the local thrift stores or other such places. I love giving our “old” books to the local library and knowing they will be used many times over. I currently have 6 bags of miscellaneous things going to our church in the morning. They are having a fundraiser for the teens. They make a certain amount of money off of filling up a truck. I am glad we are able to contribute to a cause we believe in.

I think another hard part of purging is the Paperwork phase. Pull up a shredder and get to work. Most the things we hold on to, we don’t really need. What to keep and what to shred is challenging. I would suggest getting a baby sitter for an afternoon if you have kids unless you are up to date with your filing system. How you keep your important documents is up to you. Some people like portable filing cabinets, some like binders, and some like to just put it in a box. Use what works for you.

I am sure there are many more phases of purging but that is where we are right now. What did you find challenging to let go of? What are some things you can’t live without? I would love to hear about your purging stories.


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